February 15 Popovs and Zablockis test-fly their rebuilt Rumpler. The plane crashes and, though the aviators are unhurt, the aircraft is destroyed.

July 17A.S.Christine Backman delivers the two Albatros B.IIs ordered in November 1925.
July The first Backman-built Albatros C.I(?) is delivered to Spilve. The second one arrives a few months later.

September 7 Pulins' "Ikars" is test-flown by Olgerts Pukse.
September 11 V.Jakubovs, N.Jakubovs and A.Minuks crash in Savoia S.16 #3.
September 20 The Aviation Division is re-structured and becomes the Aviation Regiment. The operational squadrons form two Divisions - fighter and reconnaissance.
September 29 J.Basko named Commander of the Aviation Regiment.

November 1 K.Irbitis completes the mechanic's course at the aviation school.

- grief-stricken at the death of her husband, Christine Backman takes her own life. The factory does, however, continue to operate with new ownership.
- Col.A.Argalis becomes chief of the Technical Branch of the Aviation Regiment.
- Jekabs Alksnis becomes Soviet Deputy Commissar of Defence.

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