April 17 The Aizsargi Aviacija is created as a specialized branch of the broader Aizsargi organization.
April 30 Goldbergs crashes Udet Flamingo #76.
Spring Cukurs makes the first flight of the C.3, with Karlis Irbitis as passenger.

May 5 - Deruluft makes Riga/Spilve a stop on the Berlin-Tallin route.
May 27 - Pulins attempts to fly "Ikars" from Riga to Kuldiga, but makes a forced landing en route in which the plane flips over and Pulins breaks his nose.
- Tenteris and Kregers crash DH9A #65 near Koknese.
- Kadikis and Strauja crash DH9A #68.

June 2 Greizis crashes in Udet Flamingo #87.
June 12 I.Karklins crashes Fiat CR.1 #9 by the Daugava, near Jumprava Station.
June 16 Peculis crashes in Udet Flamingo #76.

July 6 Aviation Festival, arranged by the Latviesu Lidotaju Biedriba (Latvian Aviators' Society) at Liepaja.
July 7 N.Pulins, flying back to Riga from Liepaja, misjudges his landing at Kuldiga and damages "Ikars".
July 19 J.Rucels crashes ADC.1 #60 near Koknese.

August 5 Capt.Janis Lindbergs named commander of the Aizsargi Aviacija.
A total of 10 army reserve pilots are enrolled in the Aizsargu Aviacija and they serve as the experienced core of the new section.
August 12 - J.Zeile and N.Ritenbergs die in the crash of Letov S.16 #8 at Daugavpils.
- A.Kregeris crashes DH9A #4 near Daugavpils.
August 29 Augusts Lapins suffers a fatal crash in ADC.1 #11 at Daugavpils.
August 31 Bungss crashes Udet Flamingo #87.

September The Aizsargi begins its first course to prepare new aviators. This first course teaches theory only.

November 6 K.Lepels, N.Lepele, V.Graudups, O.Ostvalds, M.Vitolins and N.Dekers all lose their lives in the tragic collision of two HE-4 floatplanes at Liepaja.

December 5 The Aizsargi receive the Gourdou Lessure B3 as a gift from the Aviation Regiment.
December 29 J.Indans, with student Greizis as passenger, crashes Udet Flamingo #89.

- Imants Sleiters graduates from the School of Military Aviation as a pilot-observer.
- Nikolajs Sudmalis takes over as president of the Latvian Aero Club.

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