April 15 Janis Feizaks dies while piloting C.2 "Auseklitis" on his first solo flight. This is the first death of a Latvian sport pilot.

June 11Vaiders and Tirulis crash in DH9A #4.

July 26 N.Pulins flies "Ikars II" from Ventspils to Sweden.
July 29 N.Pulins returns from Stockholm to Riga, with a fly-over at Ventspils.

September 23 Voldemars Peculis crashes DH9A #67 near Vecaki.

c.October N.Pulins sells his "Ikars I-5" to the AA.

- The Aizsargi graduate their first class of qualified pilots - Valdmanis, Lesinskis, Sulcs, Petersons, Reichmanis, Gailitis and Bandenieks.
- N.Pulins withdraws from the Sporta Lidotaju Biedriba and creates the Aviacijas Veicinasanas Biedriba (Aviation Sponsoring Society)
- Lt.Konstants' assistant is killed in the wreck of C.2 "Auseklitis".
- The PTGD (Pasta un Telegrafa Galvena Darbnica) is reorganized into the VEF (Valsts Elektrotechniska Fabrika).
- Paulovskis is appointed the first flight instructor for the AA.
- Polish airline LOT establishes routes linking Riga with other European cities.

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