February 17 V.Peculis and K.Birznieks crash in DH9A #10 at Spilve.
February 27 Janis Butevics becomes the first glider pilot licensed and registered with Latvian authorities.
February 28 Sopwith Strutter #13 is transferred from the Aviation Regiment to the Aizsargi.

March 28 - Friedrich Zander dies, in Kislovodsk.

May 26 The Aizsargi create a flying instructor course to accommodate the great demand for flight instruction. Initially, instruction takes place on "Ikars II" with A.Paulovskis providing the lessons.
May 28 Aviation Festival at Spilve.

June 13 V.Peculis and K.Birznieks crash in DH9A #65.
June 20 AA Air Show, Riga.
June 20 N.Pulins and R.Celms begin their attempt to fly to Gambia. The plane crashes a few hours later in Germany.

Summer H.Cukurs prepares his C.3 for a flight to Gambia, replacing the passenger seat with an extra fuel tank and renaming the plane "Kurzemes Hercogiene".
August 28 Cukurs departs on his flight to Gambia.

November 3 H.Cukurs arrives in Bathurst, Gambia.

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