May 31 Konrads Nagainis dies in the crash of a Bristol Bulldog at Spilve.

June 4 Ozols (passenger) dies in the crash of an SV.5 at Gulbene. Pilot I.Morkans survives, but is seriously injured.
June 17 The Soviets invade Latvia.

July 1 The new Soviet administrator at VEF orders a halt to aircraft production, awaiting further orders from Moscow.

August 17 The final Aviation Festival at Spilve (mostly Soviet).

November Under Soviet Occupation, the Aviation Regiment is dissolved.
- Boriss Azelickis completes a sailplane flight of 250 km.
- Edvins Bruvelis and Juris Kirsteins design a single-seat aircraft. Construction is permanently halted by the outbreak of war.

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