Date: August 7, 1921
Location: Riga (Spilve)
Known Personnel: J.Prieditis, V.Jakubovs, J.Rimsa, A.Zarins, P.Mardoks, R.Celms, N.Jeske, F.Zutte, A.Kraulis, A.Lazdins, A.Jakobsons
Aircraft Known to be Involved: Sopwith Camels and others
  • The second latvian aviation festival at Spilve, and considerably larger than the previous one in 1920.
  • Two aircraft suffered accidents in the training/preparation for the event - V.Jakubovs and J.Rimsa crashed Sopwith Camels No. 18 and 9 in forced landings after engine trouble.
  • The main purpose of the festival was to raise money for the new air force, as the national budget was very limited in these early years and could contribute little. They raffled off 'tickets' for flights in airplanes, and the tickets for the draw were not inexpensive. They also raised funds for the families of deceased aviators as, at this time, the government did not contribute to their support whatsoever.
  • Between 2,000 and 3,000 admissions were sold, and 30 members of the public received airplane rides, raising a total of approximately 100,000 rubles.
  • The event was advertised in "Jaunakas Zinas" and futher publicised by aircraft dropping leaflets over Riga. Such promotions were the responsibility of Division Adjutant Ltn.Zeltins.
  • President Cakste himself attended and received the parade of participants, along with Kviesis, Gen.Balodis and Salnajs. Foreign minister Meierovics arrived (from the nearby Riga seashore!) in a Junkers F13.

Program cover
Poster promoting the Event


- Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture
- G.D.Zulis Photo Collection

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