Date: June 15, 1924
Location: Riga - Spilve
Known Personnel: K.Blaus, H.Cukurs, R.Gublis, A.Lazdins, N.Pulins, J.Rimsa, A.Zarins
Aircraft Known to be Involved: 15 military aircraft, plus two civilian aircraft (Cukurs and Pulins). Military aircraft included: Sopwith Camels #17 and 18, Albatros # 5 and # 25, Sopwith Strutter #13 and # 14, LVG #27, Halberstadt #19 and Rumpler C.I #6, DFW C.V #3, and others. Also present was a Junkers F.13
  • Demonstration flights were performed by the aircraft listed above.
  • R.Gulbis flew the DFW, with K.Blaus as observer.
  • A.Lazdins closed the show with an aerobatics show in Pulins new aircraft, performed despite a rapidly approaching storm.


Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture
R.Gulbis log book

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