Date: May 25, 1930
Location: Riga (Spilve)
Known Personnel: J.Abolins, A.Ansons, A.Bambers, K.Blaus, N.Bulmanis, R.Dzenis, A.Dzenitis, V.Eglitis, E.Ginters, J.Indans, N.Jakubovs, V.Jakubovs, K.Kalnins, R.Kandis, E.Kanna, K.Kleins, F.Launics, A.Linins, J.Lodzins, Haupt.B.Loerzer, J.Maisins, E.Mellups, B.Petersons, Sgt.M.Prieditis, V.Rinkis, K.Skribo, N.Strukovs, A.Tomass, P.Treijs, H.Vanags, K.Veikins, E.Veinbergs, F.Zakis
Aircraft Known to be Involved: Many different Aviation Regiment aircraft, including 6 single-seater fighters and also 5 bomber/recon aircraft. Bruno Loerzer was also present, flying a BFW M23b.
  • Festival was organized by the Aviation Regiment, with proceeds to benefit the fund for the families of injured or deceased aviators.
  • The Agenda for the day was as follows:
    • At 3pm, the events open with a parade of participants The event is opened by H.Celmins. A.Birkhans, the chairman of the Riga Stock Exchange, also presented the organizers with a cheque for 2000 Lats for the fund.
    • V.Jakubovs is presented with the Clifford Harmon award, Latvian section.
    • Individual aerobatics
    • Formation flying and group aerobatics
    • Ground attack demonstration, with machine guns and bombs
    • The first demonstration, in Latvia, of artificial fog to mask ground targets
    • Target shooting (shooting down released balloons)
    • Various demonstrations of aerial combat
    • Aerobatic demonstration by B.Loerzer in his BFW M23b.
    • Parachute jump
    • Massive formation flight / parade
    • Flights for paying customers
    • After dark, a demonstration of night flight and searchlight operation
  • A total of 15,000 spectators attended, ferryed to the event by boats from across the Daugava, as well as busses which ran express service from the centre of Riga.
  • Possibly for the first time in Latvia, the entire event was supported with descriptions and explanations from loudspeakers, which were well-received by the spectators.
  • Also available for the spectators amusement was a military orchestra, a carousel (with aviation-themed seats), and various food and souvenir vendors. At the end of the day, a hangar served as a ballroom and the festivities continued well past dark.

Program cover Presentation of the Clifford Harmon trophy


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