Date: May 31, 1931
Location: Riga / Spilve
Known Personnel: J.Abolins, K.Alksnis, A.Ansons, J.Basko, K.Blaus, N.Bulmanis, J.Cirulis, R.Dzenis, A.Dzenitis, V.Eglitis, H.Freimanis, B.Grasbergs, K.Grube, J.Indans, Z.Jere, A.Kadikis, R.Kandis, J.Kirsons, A.Kregers, F.Launics, A.Linins, J.Lodzins, J.Maisins, E.Mellups, V.Munters, J.Pagrods, B.Petersons, J.Putnins, V.Rinkis, A.Skurbe, O.Steinbergs, A.Strautnieks, N.Strukovs, T.Susters, A.Tomass, P.Treijs, A.Vasiljevskis, K.Veikins, E.Veinbergs, N.Vulfs, F.Zakis.
Aircraft Known to be Involved: A large number of Aviation Regiment aircraft, including Letov S.16s, DH9As, Bristol Bulldogs, Udet Flamingos (#89 and others)
  • Among the many events and demonstrations, J.Indans flew a Udet Flamingo through a 'wall' of streamers, Blaus and Mellups demonstrated aerial combat in Bristol Bulldogs, and Bernhards Petersons completed a successful parachute jump. Aerial bombing was also demonstrated.
  • It is estimated that 7,000 people attended at Spilve, and perhaps as many as 15,000 spectators set up in areas surrounding the airfield and watched from alternate viewpoints. Regardless of the non-paying participants, 20,000 tickets were sold (obviously, many as a non-attending donation to the fund for the families of aviators who perished) and approximately 16,000 Ls were raised by the event.

Basko, passenger, Munters and Skurbe in front of an S.16 Parachutist Petersons, Strukovs and others. Petersons' parachute descent Blaus and Mellups in front of a Bristol Bulldog
Indans flies the Flamingo through a gate of ribbons DH9As being inspected


Jaunakas Zinas June 1, 1931
Latvijas Kareivis May 28, 1931
Latvijas Kareivis May 29, 1931
Latvijas Kareivis May 30, 1931
Latvijas Kareivis May 31, 1931
Latvijas Kareivis June 2, 1931

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