Date: May 10, 1934
Location: Jelgava, on Pils Island.
Known Personnel: General Bangerskis, R.Celms, R.Dzenis, Dir. B.Eindbergs, General Kalnins, K.Konstants, A.Valeika,
Aircraft Known to be Involved: Gliders "Jelgava I", "Zemgale", "Latvija" and "Nameisis".
  • This Aviation Festival was all about the new gliders - they were christened and demonstration flights were performed.
  • 25% of the profits were donated to the Military Aviation Fund.

Jelgava Jelgava


- Latvijas Kareivis, May 9, 1934.
- Latvijas Kareivis, May 12, 1934.
- Sparnota Latvija No. 1 (June 1934)

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