Date: August 18, 1934
Location: Kuldiga
Known Personnel: J.Indans, N.Jevlampjevs, Aizsargu commander Kalve, J.Lindbergs
Aircraft Known to be Involved:
  • Hosted by the Kuldiga chapter of the Aizsargi.
  • At this event, the Aizsargi took possession of the aerodrome donated to them by the city of Kuldiga. It is located 3 km from Kuldiga along the Skrunda highway.
  • After the opening ceremonies, aircraft from the Aviation Regiment and the Aizsargi performed the traditional series of demonstrations, concluding with a parachute jump.
  • When the show ended, a limited number of spectators were able to purchase rides in the Aizsargu aircraft.
  • The event attracted approx. 4,500 spectators.


Latvijas Kareivis August 21, 1934

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