Date: September 2, 1934
Location: Daugavpils
Known Personnel: J.Butevics, H.Cukurs, R.Dzenis, N.Pulins
Aircraft Known to be Involved: Cukurs' C.3, Pulins' "Zilais Putns" and three gliders.
  • This Aviation Festival was organized privately by the Aviacijas Veicinasanas Biedriba (Aviation Promotion Society)
  • Just before this event, Pulins flew to Lithuania and invited the aviators there to attend and participate. They had agreed to do so but, just prior to the event, they notified the organizers that last week the Secretary of their flying club had died in a crash, they were in mourning and would be unable to attend. Estonian aviators, also expected to participate, were unable to depart from Tallinn due to weather conditions.
  • Among the aircraft present was Herbert Cukur's C.3 - significant because he had just recently completed his famous flight to Gambia and back in this aircraft.
  • While demonstrating a glider launch J.Butevics rose about 200 feet into the air, then the aircraft fell off to one side and spun into the ground. Fortunately, the pilot suffered only minor injuries (abrasions to his face, a tooth was broken out, and an injured leg), but he was taken to the Daugavpils Red Cross Hospital for medical attention.
  • During the event they conducted a lottery. The winners received rides in "Zilais Putns" after the show.
  • Over 12,000 spectators attended the event.

Cukurs' C.3


- Latvijas Kareivis, August 26, 1934.
- Latvijas Kareivis, September 4, 1934.

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