Date: September 9, 1934
Location: Riga (Spilve)
Known Personnel: J.Abolins, G.Aboms, K.Alksnis, A.Ansons, S.Babicevs, N.Balodis, J.Bilmanis, K.Blaus, V.Blumbergs, P.Briedis, J.Brunenavs, N.Bulmanis, O.Cakanovskis, J.Cirulis, H.Cukurs, V.Dimza, A.Dzenitis, V.Eglitis, A.Graudins, K.Grube, A.Grundmanis, A.Hvastkovs, K.Iesalnieks, J.Indans, N.Jakubovs, R.Jenkevics, Z.Jere, A.Kadikis, K.Kalnins, R.Kandis, J.Karklins, K.Karps, K.Krastins, A.Kregers, F.Launics, J.Lodzins, J.Maisins, S.Meijers, E.Mellups, V.Munters, O.Penks, O.Pukse, J.Putnins, V.Rinkis, A.Salmins, K.Skribo, I.Sleiters, F.Sprogis, V.Sterndoks, A.Strautnieks, N.Strukovs, J.Sturans, T.Susters, A.Tomass, H.Vanags, A.Vasiljevskis, K.Veikins, E.Vitolins, N.Vulfs, F.Zakis,
Aircraft Known to be Involved: A great many aircraft from the Aviation Regiment, including at least 5 two-seaters (used for the bombing demonstration) and at least a dozen others.
  • The event is announced, officially, in August - admission ranges from Ls 0,50 to Ls 2., and programs can be purchased at a cost of Ls 0,20. Profits will go to the fund for the families of deceased aviators and the Military Aviation Fund.
  • The program opens at 2pm with a parade of 18 aircraft, followed immediately by individual aerobatics. Next, they demonstrate aerial attacks upon ground targets, followed by formation flying aerobatics and mock aerial combat. Low flight aerobatics are demonstrated by a group led by J.Indans. Five two-seaters bomb a mock target laid out on the aerodrome, setting it ablaze. Selected members of the audience are given balloons to release for the "balloon hunt", which are subsequently shot down by fighter planes circling above. At various moments throughout the show, Capt.Putnins flies over the crowd at low altitude and releases candies (on tiny parachutes) for the children. The final element of the program - a parachute jump by four members of the regiment. All four landed safely, though Ltn.Sleiters' parachute was struck by a gust of wind just at the moment before landing and he suffered a stiff impact, but no injury. After the air show is complete, some members of the audience are able to purchase rides in the two-seaters.
  • As a fundraiser, the Festival was very successful. 35,000 admission tickets were sold, but with free admission to school age children and seniors, the total crowd was estimated as being 45 - 50,000. They brought in Ls 25,000, had expenditures of Ls 3,000, which left a profit of Ls 21,000 (four thousand more than the previous year's Ls 17,000). 20 percent went to the Military Aviation Fund and the remainder to the fund for the families of deceased aviators.


Latvijas Kareivis, August 31, 1934.
Latvijas Kareivis, Sept.2, 1934.
Latvijas Kareivis, Sept.5, 1934.
Jaunais Kurzemnieks, Sept.5, 1934.
Latvijas Kareivis, Sept.7, 1934.
Latvijas Kareivis, Sept.9, 1934.
Latvijas Kareivis, Sept.11, 1934.
Jaunais Kurzemnieks, Sept.12, 1934.

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