Date: October 7, 1934
Location: Valmiera
Known Personnel: R.Dzenis, N.Pulins, Kruss (Estonian aviator), Olts (Estonian Aviator)
Aircraft Known to be Involved: Pulin's "Zilais Putns"
  • The event was hosted by the local chapter of the Aizsargi.
  • The Estonian aviators put on a much-acclaimed display of aerobatics, marking the first time that visiting Estonian pilots performed at a Latvian festival.
  • After the event some attendees received rides in "Zilais Putns"
  • Approximatedly 5,000 spectators attended the event.


- Bruvelis, E.Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture
- Latvijas Kareivis, October 9, 1934.

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