Date: October 21 - 28, 1934
Location: Daugavpils
Known Personnel: H.Cukurs, Gen.Bangerskis, Samtins, Jansbergs.
Aircraft Known to be Involved: none
  • This was a very specific Aviation Exposition, focussing on H.Cukurs' flight to Gambia and back.
  • The event was held on the property of the Daugavpils National High School and ran for a week. Cukurs himself gave speeches and narrated a slide show of photographs which he had taken on his journey.
  • After the event was over, he also visited the Daugavpils garrison and delivered the lecture/slide show for the military stationed there.


Latvijas Kareivis Oct.28, 1934
Latvijas Kareivis Nov.2, 1934

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