Date: June 21, 1936
Location: site of the future Valmiera Aerodrome
Known Personnel: Janis Lindbergs, T.Gailitis, Rihards Gulbis, Abolins, E.Sapratnieks, Zakis
Aircraft Known to be Involved: At least two AA KOD-1 aircraft, YL-AAU "Vanags", and one additional military aircraft which did a fly-over but did not land on the improvised airfield.
  • Arranged jointly by the 8th Valmieras Aizsargi and the Valmiera branch of the Latvian Aero Club.
  • The event was held on property owned by the state, and the profits from this event were to be used to start building a proper aerodrome at that site.
  • After brief speeches and opening ceremonies, the air show began. Performances included aerobatics, formation flights, and the dropping of a parachutist "dummy".



Sparnota Latvija No.25, July 1936, pg.766-767

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