Date: July 5, 1936
Location: Leipaja Aerodrome
Known Personnel: T.Gailitis, Augusts Dzenitis, Pantelejevs, Janis Indans, J.Karklins, K.Skribo
Aircraft Known to be Involved: Many aircraft, from military, Aizsargi and Latvian Aero club, and from Riga. Two new gliders - named "Erglis" and "Dzerve" were christened.
  • On the evening before the event, a special train arrived from Riga with 500 aviation enthusists on board. The festival was also attended by delegations from Estonia and Lithuania, who were hosted by the Liepajas Aizsargi aviation unit and the local branch of the Latvian Aero Club.
  • A special event of the festival was the laying of the cornerstone for the construction of the post office/telegraph departments' new hangar (see image). This was also the official opening of the aerodrome, though it had been in use for some time in a more limited capacity.
  • The air show featured the usual presentations, including a parachute jump and a fly-over by Indans and the squadron of aircraft which had recently completed the flight around northern Europe.
  • Over 10,000 spectators were in attendance.


Air Show


Sparnota Latvija No.25, July 1936, pg.767-768

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