Date: August 16, 1936
Location: Krimulda
Known Personnel: Pantelejevs, T.Susters
Aircraft Known to be Involved: glider "VEF", Udet Flamingo
  • The Krimuldas branch of the Latvian Aero Club was established only months earlier, on April 21. This was their first major event.
  • The event opened with a flyover of the VEF glider being towed by a Flamingo. The glider was not released at this time, however, as they were actually en route to Sigulda. Later, on the return flight, the glider was released and both aircraft demonstrated their capabilities.
  • Subsequent glider flights were launched with an auto winch.
  • Approximately 600 spectators attended the event.



Sparnota Latvija No.27, September 1936, pg. 825

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