Date: August 23, 1936
Location: The event was held at a "Meza Zars, a clearing near a bend in Lielupe River.
Known Personnel: A.Vilks, Pantelejevs
Aircraft Known to be Involved: Glider #25 (from Riga), new glider "Sloka", a new KOD-1 overflew the event a number of times, but did not land.
  • The Sloka chapter of the Latvian Aeroclub was established on July 18, 1935. Since that time, they had created a glider club and constructed their first glider, but this was their first major event.
  • The gliders were launched with the help of an auto winch.
  • About 350 spectators attended the event.



Sparnota Latvija No.27, September 1936, pg.827

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