Date: July 18, 1937
Location: Skrunda
Known Personnel: Arvids Lasmanis, Pauls Sotnieks, A.Strazdins
Aircraft Known to be Involved: 3 aircraft and one glider
  • Organized by the Skrunda branch of the Latvian Aero Club and the local branch of the Aizsargi.
  • This was the first aviation performance to be held in Skrunda and the first time an aircraft had ever landed in Skrunda. Note: Latvijas Kareivis describes the venue as "Skrundas aerodrome", near the Kaupinu property, so presumably the location was not selected just for this, single event.
  • In addition to the usual aerial performances, a limited number of spectators were also given the opportunity to take a ride in an airplane, and the show was followed with a concert by the 1st Liepaja Infantry Orchestra.
  • It is estimated that the event drew approximately 3,500 spectators.


Latvijas Kareivis July 11, 1937
Latvijas Kareivis July 18, 1937
Sparnota Latvija No.39, September 1937, pg.251

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