Date: July 25, 1937
Location: Rujiena
Known Personnel: A.Bambers, LAK official Dambergs, V.Dimza, T.Gailitis, Rihards Gulbis K.Lesinskis, K.Purmaks, L.Svalbe,
Aircraft Known to be Involved: three Aizsargu aircraft and one glider
  • Arranged by the Rujiena chapter of the LAK and the local Aizsargi, it took place at the Rujienas Aerodrome (by the Kalna Anga property)
  • The glider was flown by Gulbis.
  • Among the highlights of the aerial display was the shooting down of a balloon.
  • After the performance members of the public were given the opportunity for brief flights in the two-seaters.
  • An estimated 2,000 spectators attended.


Latvijas Kareivis July 6, 1937
Latvijas Kareivis July 23, 1937
Latvijas Kareivis July 27, 1937
Sparnota Latvija No.39, September 1937

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