Date: August 22, 1937
Location: Valmiera aerodrome
Known Personnel: Janis Indans, A.Valleika, V.Dimza, R.Gulbis, A.Baumanis, A.Valdmanis, K.Lesinskis, E.Zalitis, K.Teikmanis, J.Rudzitis, A.Rikards, K.Purmaks
Aircraft Known to be Involved: Five Aizsargi aircraft, one from the Aero Club (flown to Valmiera by Indans and Valleika) and a glider from Rujiena.
  • Organized by the Valmiera Aero Club and the 8th Valmieras Aizsargi.
  • The Aizsargi arrived three days earlier and their practice flights in the vicinity served to promote the upcoming event.
  • In addition to the usual aerial displays, K.Lesinskis made a successful parachute jump from a height of approximately 1000 metres.
  • The program ended with the candy parachutes being dropped for the children, and an exceptionally large group of spectators who made brief flights in a two-seater.
  • Approximately 6,000 spectators attended the event.


                    Col. J.Indans inspects the parade of participants


            Parachutist K.Lesinskis after his jump


Sparnota Latvija No.40, October 1937, pg.277

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