Date: August 29, 1937
Location: Koknese, Plaujas Svetku field
Known Personnel: Janis Muiznieks, T.Gailitis, J.Rudzitis, E.Zalitis, A.Vilks
Aircraft Known to be Involved: In addition to the glider, there was at least one (and probably more) Aizsargu 2-seater aircraft.
  • This aviation festival was arranged by the Koknese and Seces-Serenes-Daudzese branches of the Latvian Aero Club, working with the local Aizsargi.
  • An important element of the event was the christening of the S-S-D branche's new glider, which they named "Staburags".
  • It is estimated that approximately 4,500 spectators attended the event.


Sparnota Latvija No.40, October 1937, pg.279

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