Date: August 29, 1937
Location: Lutrini
Known Personnel: H.Cukurs, N.Jevlampjevs, N.Jevlampjevs Jr., A.Lasmanis, S.Rakovskis, H.Strazdins, A.Valleika, Z.Valts
Aircraft Known to be Involved: Two LAK aircraft from Riga, one Aizsargu aircraft ("Juras Erglis"), H.Cukurs' "Tris Zvaigznes", the glider "Kaija" from Kuldiga.
  • The event, organized by the Lutrini chapter of the LAK and other local aviation-related groups, was located in Lutrini, on the "Bites" property.
  • The aircraft were parked on display, beginning at 1 pm, for the public to view and the aviators were present to answer questions.
  • What followed was the usual program of formation flying, aerial combat, ground bombardment, etc.
  • Part-way through the demonstration, the crowd also witnessed a fly-over by the De Havilland aircraft flying the new Riga-Liepaja air service route.
  • After the flying demonstration the aircraft continued on to participate in the Aizputes Aviation Festival being held nearby.
  • Approximately 2000 spectators attended the event.

Advertisement in Jaunais Kurzemnieks August 25, 1937


Jaunais Kurzemnieks August 11, 1937
Jaunais Kurzemnieks August 18, 1937
Jaunais Kurzemnieks September 1, 1937
Latvijas Kareivis August 13, 1937
Latvijas Kareivis August 31, 1937

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