Date: July 10, 1938
Location: Kuldiga
Known Personnel: E.Baumanis, A.Biedrins, V.Dimza, J. Erglis, T.Gailitis, N.Jevlampjevs Jr., R.Jenkevics, H.Makars, J.Muiznieks, J.Rudzitis, P.Sotnieks, E.Sraders, E.Strubergs, L.Svalbe, A.Valdmanis, J.Zalcmanis, A.Zarins, T.Ziverts.
Aircraft Known to be Involved: "Alise" (glider), "Auseklis" (glider), DH-89 Dragon Rapide, "Kaija" (glider), and "Zilais Putns" - In total, about 12 powered aircraft (most belonging to the Aizsargi) and three gliders.
  • The fifth annual Aviation Festival in Kuldiga, the date was announced in late April.
  • The event was hosted by Aizsargu Aviacija. the 14th Aizsargu Regiment and the Kuldiga chapter of the Latvian Aero Club. It was timed to coincide with the Aizsargu aviators summer training session held in Kuldiga from July 8 - 18.
  • The event was held at the Kuldiga Aerodrome, described as being about 3 km from the (1938) city centre.
  • After the opening ceremonies, the program began with an 8-plane formation flight. This was followed by four aircraft demonstrating bombing and ground attack techniques upon an artificial "city" target. The local volunteer fire department was then called to put out the flames and they arrived from their garage in town in only three minutes. Various aerobatic displays followed, as well as mock aerial combat and marksmanship (shooting down target baloons). J.Rudzitis performed a parachute jump from an altitude of approx. 500m.
  • At about 5 pm the Dragon Rapide providing daily passenger service between Riga and Liepaja diverted slightly and performed a flyover for the gathered crowd.
  • The closing act of the performance came from a single aircraft, which flew over while dispensing candy (on small parachutes) for the children. In the meantime, some spectators were able to purchase brief rides in an Aizsargi aircraft.
  • The event drew about 9,000 spectators, which is more than the entire population of Kuldiga.
  • After the show, the party continued in two dance halls and three bands playing continuously until late into the night.



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