Date: July 24, 1938
Location: Skrunda, "Kaupinos"
Known Personnel: R.Vilks, A.Vilks, P.Sotnieks, Ansons, E.Tunens, Z.Valts
Aircraft Known to be Involved: 2 Aero Club machines (one a KOD-1), and a KOD-2 from the Liepaja Aizsargi, the glider "Duja" from Vainode and one additional local glider. One DH.89, flying its regular Riga-Liepaja route, became an unscheduled participant as it flew over the site during the show.
  • The event was organized by the local chapter of the LAK, the Aizsargi and the county administration.
  • The program featured the usual aerobatics and demonstrations of precision flying.
  • P.Sotnieks demonstrated the low-level flight, and it was noted that he often flew so low over the Venta River that he was obscured by the shoreline horizon.
  • In spite of poor weather, over 2000 spectators attended the event. The children received candy from above, and some of the adults experienced their first rides in an airplane.


Sparnota Latvija No.51, September 1938, pg.629

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