Date: August 28, 1938
Location: The "Baz-Bites" property near Lutrini
Known Personnel: P.Jansevics, J.Karklins, Vilnis Ozolins, Pauls Sotnieks
Aircraft Known to be Involved: Kuldiga's gliders, 1 Aizsargu KOD-2 aircraft and two aircraft belonging to the Latvian Aero Club.
  • Arranged by the Lutrini branch of the Latvian Aero Club and the Lutrini Aizsargi.
  • The program opened with a glider demonstration, followed by the usual aerobatic and tactical displays by the Aizsargi aircraft. Sotnieks performed aerobatics in the LAK's KOD-1, with Karklins and Jansevics demonstrating aerial bombardment in the KOD-2.
  • The event attracted over 3,000 spectators.


- Jaunais Kurzemnieks August 24, 1938.
- Jaunais Kurzemnieks August 31, 1938
- Sparnota Latvija No.53, November 1938, pg.709

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