Date: August 28, 1938
Location: Koknese
Known Personnel: K.Strazdins, V.Dimza, L.Pillups, J.Dakteris
Aircraft Known to be Involved: 3 Aizsargu machines and one from the LAK
  • The program consisted of the usual aerobatics and precision flying and, surprisingly, no gliders involved in this day's presentation.
  • The highlight of the program was a parachute jump by K.Strazdins.
  • After the performance the festivities continued for quite some time longer as a great many people received rides in the two-seater aircraft.

Koknese 1938 Strazdins


Sparnota Latvija No.52, October 1938, pg.664
Sparnota Latvija No.54, December 1938

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