Date: September 4, 1938
Location: Smiltene
Known Personnel: A.Ansons, A.Reinfelde, T.Gailitis
Aircraft Known to be Involved: Tow aircraft, one glider
  • Arranged by the Smiltene chapter of the Latvian Aero Club.
  • The new glider built by the 19th Glider Club group was christened "Irbite"
  • Ansons and Gailitis did some formation flying, then Ansons demonstrated some low altitude precision flying while Gailitis performed aerobatics, which was followed by a mock dogfight.
  • Over 4,500 spectators attended the event, some of whom received airplane rides after the show.
  • The evening program included a theatre performance ("Princese uz Kapnem") and a Festival Ball.


Sparnota Latvija No.52, October 1938, pg.666

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