Date: September 11, 1938
Location: Jelgava
Known Personnel: L.Pillups, R.Vilks,Treijs, A.Mencis, A.Pantelejevs, J.Butevics, T.Gailitis, E.Smildzins, N.Balodis, K.Reichmanis, M.Priedite, K.Purmaks, A.Baumanis, H.Kaufelds, H.Cukurs, V.Dimza, J.Karklins
Aircraft Known to be Involved: A number of military, Aizsargi and Aero Club aircraft, Cukurs' "Kurzemes Hercogiene", glider tug "Kaija" with a glider, motorized glider "Lacplesis, a total of 17 aircraft.
  • Festival was arranged by the Jelgava chapter of the Latvian Aero Club.
  • The festival was also the official unveiling of Jelgava's new aerodrome.
  • The many aircraft displayed the full menu of aerobatics, formation and low-level precision flying. The highlight of the event was a parachute jump (his first) by H.Kaufelds.
  • The show was followed by the customary airborne sweet for the children and airplane rides for selected spectators.
  • The event attracted about 10,000 spectators.

Jelgava 1938 Jelgava 1938 Jelgava 1938 Jelgava 1938 Kaufelds


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