Date: September 25, 1938
Location: the Priekule Mechanical Testing Station grounds
Known Personnel: V.Dimza, K.Karklins, L.Svalbe, K.Bandenieks, A.Valdmanis, K.Stojazs, T.Gailitis, Reinholds Celmins
Aircraft Known to be Involved:
  • Organized by the Cesis chapter of the Latvian Aero Club and the 10th Cesis Aizsargu Regiment, this was the first Aviation Festival for Cesis.
  • The program began with the christening of the new glider "Apogs".
  • This was followed by a glider demonstration.
  • The aviators then demonstrated aerobatics and tactical flight, culminating in a parachute jump by veteran aviator R.Celmins.
  • The event was attended by about 5,000 spectators.


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