Date: July 16, 1939
Location: Liepaja (North aerodrome)
Known Personnel: J.Balodis, A.Baumanis, T.Baumerts, A.Biedrins, V.Dimza, K.Mikelsons, J.Petersons, L.Pillups, A.Steinbergs, Z.Valts, A.Vilks
Aircraft Known to be Involved: 8 Aizsargu aircraft (Including at least one KOD-2), 4 Aero Club aircraft (including the Riga Central Glider School's new 2-seater #13), some Aviation Regiment aircraft
  • Arranged by the Liepaja chapter of the Aero Club, with the participation of the Aviation Regiment and Aizsargu Aviacija.
  • A.Vilks demonstrated the recently purchased two-seater glider.
  • T.Baumerts, from Liepaja, completed a successful parachute jump from an altitidue of approximately 300 metres.
  • The weather was clear and sunny, and approximately 15,000 spectators attended the event.


Sparnota Latvija No.63 (September 1939)

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