Date: July 23, 1939
Location: Vainode
Known Personnel: A.Laimins, J.Petersons, J.Treimanis, Z.Valts, E.Veldre, A.Vilks, A.Viskers, L.Zarins
Aircraft Known to be Involved: A KOD-2, at least one KOD-1, and a Udet Flamingo (four machines in all). Also, one local glider put on a display.
  • This Festival, organized by the Vainode chapter of the Latvian Aero Club, was set to coincide with the christening of the new aerodrome.
  • The usual aerial combat and aerobatics were demonstrated, but the bombing display was cancelled when, for technical reasons, they were unable to explode the artificial target
  • Over 2000 spectators attended the event.


Sparnota Latvija No.63 (September 1939).

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