Date: June 16, 1940
Location: Valmiera
Known Personnel: V.Dimza
Aircraft Known to be Involved:
  • The last Aviation Festival to be held in unoccuped Latvia during the between-war years.
  • The festival was the closing event of a training camp session by the Aizsargu Aviacija at Valmiera, after which the participants would return to their regular jobs and duties.
  • On the evening of the 15th, Dimza is advised by HQ of the Soviet ultimatum and impending occupation, however he is not permitted to share this information at that time. He does, however, order the fliers to camoflage their aircraft overnight and, in the morning, he is permitted to advise them of what is happening. The pilots do carry out the Air Show, but they were all aware that this might be the last time that they ever have an opportunity to fly, so the event is very emotional for them.


- Bruvelis, E. Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture

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