Date: November 10, 1919
Personnel: V.Jakubovs, A.Sparins
Aircraft Involved: Sopwith Strutter #7046
Location: Sampeteris
  • Jakubovs and Sparins leave Krustabaznicas airfield for a reconaissance flight.
  • In the vicinity of Sampeteris (at the Timmu estate) they are forced to land because of engine failure. This location is between the German and Latvian positions, and they are forced to abandon the aircraft.
  • The aircraft is stopped in such a location that it is not under fire and, on November 12 (with the assistance of mechanic Frisbirs) the aircraft is repaired and flown back to Krustabaznicas airfield.

Sopwith Strutter #7046


- Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture

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