Date: June 28, 1934
Survivors: kapt. A. Zarins
Fatalities: ltn. Arvids Liepins, kapt. Stekis
Aircraft Involved: Svenska S.IIa (He-4) #10
Location: Unknown
  • Kapt. Stekis was from the Kurzemes artillery regiment, acting as observer.
  • The cause of the crash was a problem with the controls, perhaps a broken control cable.
  • Kapt. A.Zarins was the pilot, and he survived when he took to his parachute. Note that this is the only time in latvian Naval Aviation history that a parachute was used to save an airman's life.
  • This aircraft had recently undergone a major rebuild, and it had been flight tested on Sept.12, 1933 by the same kapt. Zarins.


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