Date: April 23, 1938
Personnel: Karlis Bandenieks
Aircraft Involved: VEF / Irbitis I-14
Location: Lake Kisezers
  • Accident occured during an early test flight.
  • While flying slowly at an altitude of about 500 metres the pilot turned and slipped into a spin. He recovered from the spin, but by then was barely at treetop height. Deciding that he would not be able to avoid a crash, he switched off the engine and flew the plane into the treetops. As the aircraft plowed through the trees the wing and tailplane disintegrated, absorbing most of the momentum.
  • Bandenieks emerged almost unscathed (aside from a minor cut across his nose caused by a tree branch which had penetrated the canopy). The aircraft, however was a total write-off and little could even be salvaged for parts.


- Irbitis, Karlis Of Struggle and Flight

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