Date: June 4, 1940
Survivors: Corporal Indrikis Morkans
Fatalities: Sgt. Janis Ozols
Aircraft Involved: Stampe & Vertongen SV-5 # 111
Location: Gulbene
  • The aircraft left the ground and, when the pilot turned the plane suddenly while still at low atltitude, it fell into a spin and struck the ground with the engine still running.
  • The aircraft was totally destroyed. Sgt.Ozols perished, and Corporal Morkans sustained serious injuries.
  • Ozols, the passenger, was not a member of the Aviation Regiment but rather was serving with the Chemical weapons unit.

J.Ozols Death Notice


- Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture
- Latvijas Kareivis June 7, 1940

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