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The number of sources of information about Latvian Aviation is modest, especially for those who cannot read Latvian. The best book published in English, Irbitis' Of Struggle and Flight is long out of print, and its original print run was small, from an obscure publisher. It is very hard to find today.

In Latvian, however, we are newly-blessed with Edvin Bruvelis' Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture. Today, this is truly the gold standard on this topic and the level of scholarship certainly justifies a translation into english, though perhaps the market might not. I have relied on this work rather heavily in my web site, primarily because much of his material would be completely new to an english-only audience.

Another source, mostly interesting because it was written in the 1930s, is Sparnota Latvija - the Latvian journal of aviation. It is weak on military aviation news, but rich with the finest details of daily life in the Latvian Aero Club and, to a lesser extent, the National Guard (Aizsargi). This journal came to an end, as did so much else, when the Soviet Union occupied the Baltics and began what would be fifty years of suppression and oppression.


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