Air Force


Source: VEF

Acquired: 1936

Type: two-seat light monoplane

Engine: 90-hp Cirrus Minor 4-cylinder air-cooled inline.

Length: 7.1 m
Wing Span: 9.3 m
Height: 1.9 m

Max Speed: 230 km/hr

Range: 800 km

Maximum Ceiling: 4,000

Known Serial Numbers:


  • February, 1936 - prototype's wings undergo structural testing [SF]
  • June 23, 1936 - the I-11 makes its first appearance at Spilve. [SF]
  • April 26, 1937 - the VEF/Irbitis I-11 completes a 1,000-km flight around Latvia in 5hrs., 30 minutes. [SF]

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