VEF/Irbitis I-18 Many of these items appeared in Sparnota Latvija , usually at the bottom of a page to fill in space. Others were collected from one of many other sources. While a few of these images do resemble Latvian aircraft, most of them are simply generic drawings of aircraft.

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Latvian Aeroclub Insignia

Aviation Regiment Badge

VEF/Irbitis I-11

Monoplane 2-Seater

Stork in Flight

Biplane 2-Seater

Biplane I

Biplane Fighter

Biplane on Skis

Biplane, Glider and Dirigible


Monoplane I

Two Aeroplanes

VEF Logo

Monoplane II

Glider I

Glider II

Glider III

Sketch of VEF/Irbitis I-18

Steglav\'s Biplane

Glider IV

Biplane II



Glider V

Monoplane III

Monoplane III

Albatros Biplane

Biplane III (icon)

Biplane IV (icon)

Biplane V

Biplane VI

Curtiss NC-4 Flying Boat

Piper Cub

Supermarine Spitfire

Wright Glider - I

Biplane VII

Triplane I

Biplane VIII

Monoplane IV

Biplane IX

Polikarpov R-5 biplane

Experimental high-wing Biplane

Biplane X

Biplane XI

Antonov An-2 Biplane

Monoplane VI

Glider VI

Monoplane VII

Glider VII

Sikorsky Ilya Mourometz Biplane bomber

Biplane XII

Wright Glider - II

Biplane XIII

Biplane XIV

Biplane XV


Monoplane VIII

Monoplane IX

F4U Corsair

Phantom Jet Fighter

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