The originator/creator of this website is Gunars David Zulis.
We have kept his Email address active because of the many contacts Gunars made in pursuit of his passion for Latvian aviation, please use Zulis [ at ] aol [ dot ] com for correspondence.

We encourage and welcome feedback, factual corrections, or offers to contribute to the materials presented here. All materials used will, of course, be fully credited.


Many thanks to my photo sources - Vilnis Vilsons, Juri Rudich, Sergei Pashin, Janis Dumpis, Dmitrijs Irikovs and Karlis Karklins, who scour their contacts and resources to find aviation material for me.

This site also owes a great deal to the work of Edvins Bruvelis, whose book Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture made me realize how much we needed an English language source for information about Latvia's aviation history.

Thank you very much to Viktors Skirmants and Haralds Robeznieks for choosing to share their valuable photo collections on the web site. Likewise, thank you to Arvo Vercamer for providing me with many of his beautiful colour profiles.

My thanks also to Edmund Rucels who has allowed me to use his father's aviation photos, and to Juris Grinbergs who keeps me informed about his I-12 build.

Many thanks to the family of Nikolajs Bulmanis, Apolons Pantelejevs, Arvids Vidins, Roberts Davids Timermanis, Rudolfs Jenkevics, and Eduards Varazinskis for sharing their photos and biographical details, and to Richards Cukurs for providing me with materials about his father's aviation achievements.

Thank you, Ieva Hartman, for the information about and photos of your father.

I would like to thank Jeroen Brinkman for travelling to many of the sites of the old airfields and sharing his photos with me.

Thank you to Paul Branke, Moshe Bukhman, Frits Gerdessen, and Indulis Ozols for their encouragement and for sharing their knowledge, research materials and insights with me.

I would also like to thank Marcel Kares for sharing a great deal of Czech and Russian language material.

I wish to thank the volunteer staff of the Latvian Library at the Latvian Centre in Toronto for their work in preserving the books and journals that I used in preparing this web site.

Thank you also to Bob Pearson, Mike Murphy, Alex Crawford, Carl-Fredrik Geust, Juris Bets, Tyrk Toomas, Max Matthews, Knut Erik Hagen, Gareth Whitehead, Jack van der Veer, Paul Bezouska, Dmitrij Dmitriew, Kenneth Heck, and Arnolds Legzdins for materials, advice and support. Thanks also to Peters Vecrumba for guiding me through the web site process.

My thanks to B.Larsson and D.Zekria for the use of the airline schedule images and to Peter Bakema and Gerry Hill for their Spilve 2004 images.

Thank you, Steve Perry, Piotr Dmitruk and Jim Maas, for the images of your Latvian aircraft models.

I am also grateful to Peter Van Gogh, Carl-Fredrik Geust, Imants Svans, Alfreds Gerbers and Richards Cukurs for contacting me with corrections of my errors.

Thank you to my dad, Elmars Zulis, who passed away during this project and is greatly missed, but who helped me gather the Latvian material and helped in countless other ways, and to my mom, Aina, for just being patient about all of this.

Finally, I would like to thank Barbara Rouse (now Barbara Zulis), the angel who not only took the Bralu Kapi photographs for me, but also felt moved to bring flowers to the resting places of the aviators.

My name appears on the web site, but it is all of these people who made this project possible. I Thank You. —GDZ

Continuing Gunars' Mission

It has been observed that the great libraries of today owe their existence to the passion of the few and their bibliomania. Gunars' site is the 21st century incarnation of the same, devoted to preserving and promoting knowledge of the history of Latvian aviation and its brave and, in cases, brilliant pioneers, amongst the preeminent aviators and builders of their day.

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