WHAT: Nikolajs Pulins Flight to Sweden

WHEN: July 26 - 29, 1932

WHO: Nikolajs Pulins

  • Pulins had considered flying to Sweden in "Ikars I", but had been dissuaded by the unreliability of the engine.
  • Upon completing "Ikars II" with its almost new engine he was ready to make his flight.
  • He borrowed a compass, acquired maps from his brother (a ship's captain) and, on June 26 1932, he departed from Ventspils.
  • Pulins experienced some engine trouble just past Gotlande, and he was forced to throw all non-essentials overboard to lighten the load and maintain altitude.
  • With no maps remaining, he had to land and ask directions, learning that he had overshot his destination (Stockholm) by about 70 km, passing to the south.
  • He refuelled and completed the flight without further incident.
  • The trip included one passenger - a rabbit from the Ogre region. The celebrity rabbit was ceremonially released into the forest near Stockholm.
  • On July 29 he flew back to Latvia, flying over Ventspils and, without landing, continuing on to Riga without difficulty.

Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture

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