WHAT: Aviation Regiment's 17th Anniversary

WHEN: June 6 and 7, 1936

WHO: General Berkis

  General Berkis inspects the Aviation Regiment Personnel

  • The celebrations began with a service at the Cathedral, also attended by the Coastal Artillery Regiment who's anniversary date coincides with that of the Aviation Regiment. Music for the service was provided by the Aviation choir and the Artillery orchestra, performing "Liela Junda" and Jurjans' "Tevijai".
  • After the service, the group went to the Bralu Kapi for a brief service and the laying of wreaths.
  • On the following day, June 7, the Aviation Regiment assembled at their parade ground. They were joined by members of the Aizsargi and the Latvian Aero Club. Inspection was carried out by General Berkis, Col. J. Indans, and Lt.Col.J.Basko. This was followed by the national hymn, speeches, and written greetings from those not present.
  • When the parade was complete a dinner was held, followed by a performance by the choir and orchestra.
  • After the dinner, the regiment commander had arranged an outing to Lielupe for the participants and their families.

Sparnota Latvija, No. 24, June 1936, pg.741

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