WHAT: The National Guard (Aizsargi) place an order for 12 LKOD-2 aircraft

WHEN: January 23, 1937

WHO: Commander of the National Air Guard, J.Erglis


  • On January 23, 1937 J.Erglis (Commander of the Aizsargi), J.Indans (Chief Inspector, Civil Aviation), Lt.Col. J.Zalitis (Aizsargi HQ Officer), A.Kacenis (representing the Riga City Council), H.Dzelzitis (Head of the Valsts Bank), P.Ozolins (CEO of the Hipotek Bank), J.Jerins (Director of Civil Aviation) and other dignitaries received a guided tour of the LKOD aviation section in Liepaja.
  • As planned, the tour culminated with Erglis, on behalf of the Aizsargi, placing an order for twelve of the new KOD-2 aircraft.
  • One of the KOD-2s was available for inspection by the visitors.
  • In addition to the KOD-2, the visitors were shown the "People's Aircraft" under development by LKOD. This would be a two-seater, with the seats side-by-side, and powered by a 40-hp engine. It was designed to have folding wings for easy storage and to be inexpensive enough to be suitable for sport aviators and clubs.
  • The KOD-2, as described in 1937, featured the following:
    • Slow landing speed (60 km/hr)
    • Built in brakes on main undercarriage. Wheels can be exchanged for skis.
    • Maximum speed: 180 km/hr
    • Exceptional aerodynamical stability
    • Suitable for night flights, with illuminated dials for the pilot
    • Communication device(?) between pilot and observer
    • Space provided for camera mount behind the observer
    • Glass windows beneath pilots and observers feet for observation directly below
    • Sliding seat for the observer
    • 240-hp Armstrong Siddeley-Lynx engine
    • Hand starter in cockpit, permitting pilot to restart engine without assistance
    • 3.5 hour endurance at 180 km/hr
  • It was noted that, aside from the engine and propeller, almost all other parts could be produced locally, in Latvia.
  • The first of the aircraft (presumably the demonstrator model mentioned above) was available for immediate delivery, and it was flown to Spilve, Riga on February 9 by A.Pavlovskis.

Sparnota Latvija, No.32, February 1937, pg.52

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