WHAT: Aviation Regiment's 18th Anniversary

WHEN: June 7, 1937

WHO: General Kurelis

  General Kurelis inspects the Aviation Regiment Personnel

Forming up for inspection

  • Commemoration ceremony began with a radio broadcast by Lt.Col Dzenitis about the founding and development of the Regiment.
  • This was followed by a performance by the Aviation Regiment men's choir, with orchestral accompaniment.
  • At 7pm the Regiment gathered at the church for a service honoring the 45 airmen who have died while serving in the unit. The service ended with the choir, with the Vidzemes Artillery orchestra, performing "Tevijai", by A.Jurjans and "Liela Junda.
  • They then proceeded to the Bralu Kapi and Lt.Col. Kandis laid a wreath on behalf of the Regiment.
  • The following morning they gathered on the parade ground for inspection. The parade was attended by commanding officers of all nearby units and numerous other dignitaries. General Kurelis inspected the troops and then delivered a speech about the difficulties in the early years of Latvian aviation. This was followed by the singing of the national anthem, and a letter from President Ulmanis was read. Similar greetings from General J.Balodis and Commander of the Army K.Berks were also conveyed.
  • The proceedings concluded with dinner and song.

Sparnota Latvija, No. 36, June 1937, pg.188

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