WHAT: The Second "Flight Around Latvia" Contest

WHEN: September 26 - 27, 1937

WHO: R.Celmins, R.Celms, R.Dzenis, T.Gailitis, R.Gulbis, A.Lasmanis, B.Leitans, K.Lesinskis, H.Pakulis, V.Priede, M.Ramonds, K.Reichmanis, P.Sotnieks, H.Strazdins, L.Svalbe, A.Toms

AIRCRAFT: Six KOD-1 aircraft, "Zilais Putns" and "Kaija"

  • The route for the 1937 contest was : Spilve (Riga) - Tukums - Kuldiga - Talsi - Ventspils - Liepaja - Auce - Bauska - Krustpils - Daugavpils - Krustpils - Koknese - Salaspils - Cesis - Valmiera - Spilve. When arriving at Tukums, Talsis, Koknese and Cesis the participants dropped markers. At other airfields they landed their aircraft. They spent the night at Krustpils after visiting Daugavpils.
  • The total distance covered was 1129 km
  • General Balodis provided three monetary prizes and the Metropole theatre donated the victor's Cup. Colonel Indans donated a prize which went to the team which most accurately dropped their markers on the targets. VEF also took part, donating prizes to the two aircraft which demonstrated the best fuel efficiency in completing the course.
  • The competitors departed from Spilve airport on September 26, which coincided with the last day of a large model airplane contest hosted by the Latvian Aero Club at the airfield. All aviators were to report to the airfield at 7:30 am, the aircraft departing in 10 minute intervals beginning at 8:00.


- Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture
- Latvijas Kareivis August 19, 1937
- Latvijas Kareivis September 16, 1937
- Latvijas Kareivis September 24, 1937
- Latvijas Kareivis September 26, 1937

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