WHAT: Polish Aviators make a goodwill visit to Latvia.

WHEN: September 3, 1938

WHO: Polish Aviators J.Tereshchenko, T.Pachorkovski, Z.Perzanovski, V.Lavruscuk, B.Jastrembski, V.Strocinski, A.Anchukin, B.Jankovskis, J.Krzizanovski, B.Pilniak, S.Abramski, K.Kamock, R.Kalpa, Z.Olenski, M.Urban, Z.Carnecki. Latvian aviators P.Sotnieks, F.Ellins.

  • The Goodwill flight was arranged by the Warsaw Aero Club with the intent of developing relationships with aviators from neighboring countries and giving their fliers experience with long distance flights.
  • They were met at Spilve by an impressive array of dignitaries, with the Latvian aviators being led by Col. J.Basko.
  • The first aircraft to arrive was an RWD-17 (SP-BNZ) whose leisurely approach was punctuated by two RWD-10 single-seaters crossing the airfield at low altitude and high speed. These two performed some brief aerobatics and then joined the holding pattern circle as all the arriving aircraft awaited their turn to land. In total eight aircraft arrived and an additional three (a glider tug, glider and motorized glider) arrived the following day, having been delayed by poor weather.
  • Also landing, immediately after the Polish aircraft, were P.Sotnieks and F.Ellins, who had flown two of the LAK aircraft to meet the visitors and escort them to Spilve.
  • That evening a dinner was held honoring the guests.
  • The following morning, the aviators gathered at Spilve, where the Polish fliers demonstrated their flying skills and capabilities with displays of aerobatics and precision flying.
  • On Monday, visitors departed for Tallin, the next leg in their journey which ultimately would take them to Helsinki, Stockholm, Geteborg, Copenhagen, Ipenburg, Brussels, Antwerp, Munich, Berlin and then home to Warsaw on September 25.

Sparnota Latvija No.52, October 1938. Pg. 665-666

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