WHAT: Aizsargi Receive Four I-12 aircraft from VEF

WHEN: September 30, 1938

WHO: Government Officials, VEF Directors
Ceremony Ceremony

  • These four I-12 aircraft were a gift from VEF.
  • The factory had begun work on these early in the year and the aircraft were ready for being handed over in September.
  • The ceremony took place at VEF's new hangar at Spilve.
  • Attending were many government officials, also J.Basko from the Aviation Regiment, J.Erglis and V.Dimza from the Aizsargi, and L.Pillups and R.Vilks from the Latvian Aero Club.
  • At the end of the ceremony, all four aircraft took to the air for a demonstration of aerobatics and formation flying.
  • Two of the aircraft were quickly prepared for K.Bandenieks and J.Rudzitis to use in the "Flight Around Latvia" contest, which started the very next morning.

Sparnota Latvija No.53, November 1938, pg.713-714

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