WHAT: Aviation Regiment's 20th Anniversary

WHEN: June 7, 1939

WHO: Defense Minister J.Balodis, General K.Berkis, R.Kandis

Aviation Regiment at the Bralu Kapi Defense Minister J.Balodis presents military decorations J.Balodis, K.Berkis and R.Kandis review the Aviation Regiment troops

  • The celebration of the Aviation Regiment's 20th anniversary began with a tour (by boat) of the 1919 battleground at Daugavgriva. This was followed by the laying of wreaths at the Bralu Kapi monuments and the Anniversary church service at the Archbishop's Cathedral.
  • The parade took place on the parade ground beside the Regimental Headquarters. The troops were reviewed by Defense Minister J.Balodis, General Berkis, General Hartmanis, General Kurelis, and Lt.Col Kandis.
  • After reviewing the troops, the personnel receiving decorations on this day were honored.
  • The proceedings concluded with dinner and song.

Sparnota Latvija, No. 61, Jul7 1939

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